Goodbye major cities, hello small, mountain markets.

Introducing the first housing fund of its kind.

Let the countdown to Fund I launch begin.

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A Fund Unlike Others.

We're proud to announce what we believe is the first niche-fund of its kind. Fortius Fund I is solely devoted to mountain housing opportunities in small, rural markets where people love to live, work and play.

The Big Bang for Residential Mountain Housing.

Demand for attainable, well-built housing in emerging mountain markets represents a bright, shining star of investment opportunity in high-value, but typically inefficient mountain markets. We haven't seen a housing boom like this since the early 2000s, and our team intends to properly position our portfolio and investors for poised growth over the next two decades.
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New Year,
New Fund.

Fortius Capital will launch its mountain housing fund in July 2021. The fund will comprise multiple investments across communities and developments in emerging markets with a focus on high-value opportunities.

Fund I

For early data room access, please complete a website form and title or include in the body of your message, “Request Data Room Access”, and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours on business days.

Future Offerings

Fund I investors hold a right of first refusal to invest in all future offerings spanning various mountain markets and asset classes. In the event a future offering is fully subscribed with Fund I investors, that offering will remain private to those partners only.

The Housing Wind Behind Fortius Fund I's Sails.

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The Time is Now.

Exponential housing demand has forced our hand to capitalize opportunistic projects and seize the day for our investors and team. The countdown to Fund I has begun.
COVID accelerated our investment thesis.

All offerings are well diversified across asset classes developed to serve migrators uprooting to mountain markets for enhanced quality of life.

Limited & Valuable Opportunities.

Mountain markets bear limited fruit, but what's available is oh-so-sweet. Our exclusive offering provides untethered access to rural, high-value markets with risk aversion built into every project and deal stage.
Value at Every Level.

From the initial capital investment of time and money, pre-syndication, to in-house construction management, project sales and investment services teams, Fortius Capital offers value at each stage of any project available to investment partners.

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For more detailed fund information and documentation, pitch deck, corporate dossier or other diligence-related assets, please request access to the Fortius Capital data room.

People, like money,
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