Fortius Fund I Launches in December.

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Enriching legacy & building wealth today, for our generations and communities of tomorrow.

A fundamental truth is time represents a thorn in the side of any opportunity. When data and due diligence identify a once-in-a-generation real estate opportunity, we go all-in. The market is revealing itself, and we are positioning for optimal growth in under-capitalized, high-value, inefficient mountain markets where people love to live, work and play.

Migration opens doors for mountain real estate.

For more information on fund mechanics and investor opportunities remaining this year, please complete a contact form and state that you are an ``accredited investor``. Following confirmation and a brief call with our team, you will gain access to Fortius Capital's private data room.
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Bringing It Full Circle.

Our vertically integrated business and decades of real estate experience in small, tertiary mountain markets positions our team, uniquely, to capitalize on what we call, the Great American Migration.

Fortius Fund I is Coming.

Fortius Fund I launches early syndication in December for those considering alternative investments, such as residential housing development in emerging mountain markets.

Creating Generational Partnerships.

We believe in long-term synergy, and our partners appreciate that. Our focus is on the long-game; building lasting relationships with people we can do business with again and again.

30% More Profit. 50% Less Time.

As the only builder/developer platform in Colorado with a presence in several other tertiary mountain markets, our secret recipe is built upon the foundation of speed, savings and scale.

Good Will. Good Business.

Over the last two decades, our team has fostered meaningful relationships with locals, business owners, policy-makers, municipalities and local officials to minimize project friction.

Vested Team. Vested Interest.

Our team holds a stake in every project we take on. Aligning incentives with investors has created a lasting line of trust between our partners and our team.

Looking for Deal Diversification?

Our firm proactively tailors investment strategy based upon your desired exposure level and investment thesis. If you would like to discuss other investment vehicles, please contact our team, or complete a website form specifying your interest in ``Other Investment Opportunities``.
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Low Risk, High Yield. Small Markets, Big Opportunities.

Consistent mid-teen returns are attainable in small, emerging markets. Workforce rentals and entry-to-mid level mountain housing are needed where inventory is low, demand is high, and labor and land are scarce. For more information on some of our previous development projects, view our portfolio.
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Partnership has its advantages.

For more detailed fund information and documentation, pitch deck, PPM, corporate dossier or other diligence-related assets, please request access to the Fortius Capital data room.

Ready to capitalize & develop
the future of mountain real estate?

Investing with Fortius Capital puts you in an exclusive group of hard-nosed, niche, real estate opportunists with a proven track record of producing consistent returns, while providing middle-class families with affordable homes. Please take a moment to tell us about yourself or your organization/investment interest, and a member of our investment team will be in touch within 24 hours on business days.

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